Does Milk Teeth Require More Care and Attention?

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When Should you start seeing a dentist for kids?

A dental visit should occur within six months after the presence of the first tooth. Early oral examination aids in the detection of the early stages of tooth decay, At Peach Dental Clinic we make sure to monitor all our kids at once in every 6 months.

Is It important to get the cavity filled in milk teeth?

YES, it is very important the children should have a regular check up done and if any cavities are there, need to get them filled as those teeth aid them in chewing food and maintaining the  proper weight and nutrition and there by maintaining the  general health as well .


What happens if the cavities are not filled?

If the cavities are left open, children end up with severe pain and even a facial swelling, as a result of infection that has progressed and reached the roots, which will require them to undergo root cleaning and then later on having a crown on top of it. All the permanent tooth are located just beneath your milk tooth and ant severe infection on milk tooth will have its impact on the permanent ones. That is why at Peach Dental Clinic we make sure to educate the parents and kids the importance of oral hygiene.

Can we just take the milk tooth out?

It is the easiest thing to do ,BUT not the right way to do it.

Milk tooth falls off on its own when it is the right age, but when a cavity starts and progress it is difficult for it fall off on its own, and even if you remove it, the permanent tooth will only come when its actual time for it to come but mean time the adjacent teeth will occupy its place by moving and at the end for the permanent tooth there will be no proper space to erupt but the permanent ones comes out in a irregular manner.

Why do children slow down in eating or starts to eat less solid food?

When a cavity or decay starts on milk tooth and progress, it gives them sensitivity and later on pain. Children does not know the difference in sensitivity and pain ,for them all is pain and that is when they start avoiding soli

d food because they know it hurts when they eat sweets or ice cream or even hard food. Parents might even notice they starts eat only on one side, avoid solid food and are more likely to take in liquid food. Parents complain they are loosing weight as well.

How can you reduce the anxiety of your kids in a Dental Clinic?

At Peach Dental Clinic we make sure kids are taken care really well as we take the time to understand their psychology and we explain to the parents and as well as the kids what is going to happen. At home it is always advisable for  parents to give  a positive reinforcement about the dental care and doctor so the kids know they are coming to a dental clinic for their good and to make them pain free.

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